I have been accountable for completing large-volume of tax returns and managing confidential client data.


I hold demonstrated success identifying and resolving accounting discrepancies to improve compliance.


Are you wanting to focus on your business and not on payroll, data entry, financial records maintenance, or tracking debits?

Your Story

You ever been on a road trip, but then you get a flat tire so you go to change it, but your spare is also flat? Or been super busy at work while also having to take care of a sick kid because you can't find a good babysitter? My friend, I want you to know that you're not alone, here at Accrual Accounting, we've delt with situations such as this before, and we want to help you get through them as best we can. We understand that life can do you dirty sometimes, that's why we are here, to help you when that happens, and to help get you back on your feet when things get rough.

I want your story to be different. I want you to be able to understand your finances. I want to use language that you understand, and help you make a plan that makes sense to you. I want you to sleep at night because you know you won’t owe the government thousands of dollars in the spring. I want you to know how to save for your future. I want to give you the best advice for free. I want your business to thrive and for your family to feel secure. I want you to pay off that student loan faster than you thought possible.

This should be your story because it’s your money, you deserve to keep it.


“I keep up to date with tax changes both big and small, to ensure that you are always getting up to date advice and expertise. No question is a dumb question.”

Let’s change the way accounting is done!
As an accountant, it bothers me greatly when I find out people are owing the government money when they don’t have to, or owing them more than they need to. I provide affordable, practical accounting help in the form of bookkeeping, tax assistance, GST returns, audit assistance and so much more. I offer early assessments because no one should have to find out they owe come tax season.

I started Accrual Accounting to help people get the most out of their accounting services. I provide a personal approach for your business and offer insight into future changes.I love the small stuff! I enjoy sorting through receipts, and developing data entry records, not only for your bookkeeping needs, but in preparation for your year-end taxes as well. 

Let’s rewrite your financial script together in a way that makes sense for you. After all, it’s your money, you deserve a say in how it’s allocated.


We are a personable and caring accounting firm. We care about you as a person not just a number. We look at your whole life not just your tax stuff and find ways to help. We ensure you get the best out of your accounting service. We may be experts in tax but it’s not all we know.

We are a mobile accounting firm, this means we come to you. Whether your immobile and can’t leave the house or just prefer your accountant to visit your place of business we can do that.


There is added value having your accountant come to you because then they can see what you do and see where your struggles are.

  • A fresh and proactive approach to their accounts and tax planning
  • A more personable accountant you can actually talk with.
  • An accountant who cares about more than your numbers.
  • An accountant who knows more than just taxes.


Strategizing your taxes/business to make sure your financially healthy.

  • Bookkeeping/Projections/Inventory
  • Analysis/tracking
  • Taxes (Personal and Corporate)
2018 Year Started - Bookkeeping from home
2019 Home Office - 1 Corporation - 26 Personal
2020 1 New office space - 1 associate (staff member), 2 desks, 170 personal account clients, 5 corporations
2021 3 Offices in a new office space, 5 associates, 5 desks, 353 personal account clients, 14 corporations
2022 4 Offices in the new office space, 11 Associates, 10 desks, 650 personal account clients, 30 corporations
2023 4 Offices in the new office space, 10 associates, 12 desks, 860 personal account clients, 33 corporations
2024 8 Desks, 2 Offices, 4 Associations, 1012 Personal, 24 Corporations, 905 People

OUR Family

Accrual Accounting is a local business, and a family business. Our clients are a part of that family. Here’s what some of them have to say:

Partners and clients say:

Do you want to save money and maximize your tax returns ? Do you want a professional, extremely knowledgeable yet very reasonably priced accountant to do your taxes ? Do you want to take advantage of the numerous tax deductions, credits and eligible expenses to lower your taxes payable? if anything I said sounds good to you then David Is your man. his knowledge and prices can’t be beat anywhere else guaranteed. My wife and I were owing $10,600 when I tried to do it myself on turbo tax .A friend recommended David to us and he helped save us over $8000 .I will recommend to anyone who wants to save money and maximize their return

Nana Kwame

Amazing service! Definitely goes above and beyond! I have a small interior design business and David has been so helpful with explaining what is needed of me and my business as far as the taxes side and Bookkeeping goes. Would recommend Accrual accounting time and time again! 10 stars!

Danielle Korthuis

David is a wonderful tutor. He has been tutoring me for my math Accuplacer test. I was a person who struggled with math in high school. He tutored me for 3 weeks for it and Dave got me placed at a college level. I also have severe test anxiety. I would reccommend David for tutoring all the time. He also knows how to figure out the best way for a student to learn. Thanks David

Marie Walsh

11/10 for Professionalism. 11/10 for beng well versed in craft. 11/10 for Personality I highly recommend Accrual Accounting

Jared Tytherleigh Lating

David was able to come right to my house – and was so prepared with everything he needed to get everything done and filed within 20 minutes! He made everything so easy to understand, and was extremely friendly and professional. Would highly recommend to anyone!

Kristen La Plume

David did my taxes the past 3 years. Very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. I’ll recommend anyone who needs any accounting or taxes help to go see David

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