I have been accountable for completing large-volume of tax returns and managing confidential client data.


I hold demonstrated success identifying and resolving accounting discrepancies to improve compliance.


I am known as a versatile contributor with experience in all core accounting and bookkeeping functions.

About Me

My name is David Lanz. I started Accrual Accounting to help people get the most out of their accounting services. I provide a personal approach to not only the side of your business, but also provide insight into future changes.

As an accountant it bothers me greatly when I find out people are owing the government money when they don’t have to or owing them more than they need to. I provide affordable practical accounting help in the form of bookkeeping, tax assistance, GST returns, audit assistance and so much more.

As a graduated accountant, I enjoy sorting through receipts and data entry them for not only your bookkeeping needs, but in preparation for your year end taxes as well. I have a degree in accounting and have experience with H&R block for over 4 years.


“I had Dave help me complete my 2008-2009 Tax return. They were older and so could not be done electronically. Dave very meticulously entered every single number needed in amazing speed. He then advised me on what to do with them and for future tax returns. Dave is knowledgeable and knows taxes inside and out. He was available to answer any questions I had. Thanks again Dave for getting those done for me.”

“Dave is simply a one stop shop. He can handle everything that you can throw at him. Dave took care of my over due GST returns, sorted out a years worth of receipts (sorry Dave), dealt with the CRA on my behalf. He was even able to file my tax returns. He has impressed me with his knowledge and if he doesn’t know or is unsure he will find the right answer for any questions related to my taxes and business returns. I would recommend his services to anyone. In fact I trust him enough to handle both of my businesses now.”

“David did my taxes the past 3 years. Very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. I’ll recommend anyone who needs any accounting or taxes help to go see David.”

Get in Touch

I have helped over 800 clients with tax returns of various complexity. Let me help you save your time and money so you can spend it where it matters.